MDVR GPS Vehicle Tracker


Product Name:4CH HDD Mobile DVR
Product Code:TS-610 (GPS/3G/WIFI optional)

Product description:

 ●H.264 Video format, Linux System, dual stream

●Support 2.5 inch HDD, max 1TB, HDD & SD dual storage

●4CH CIF, HD1, D1 real-time recording, 4CH audio synchronous recording
●Support setting time, trigger, JPEG picture snapshot
●Support intercom function
●Support remote download and playback function ( Video file or accurate to seconds to be loptional, save the time and data )
●TES correction encrypted file management system, no video loss and protect data 2s
●before sudden power off
●Support pre-alarm record, motion detection and alarm linkage
●Optional built-in 3G/4G, WIFI, GPS/Glonass, G-sensor module
●RS-232x1, RS485x1, USBx1, USB2.0 portx1
●Support extendable devices like LED screen, ID reader,bus station reporter and people counting camera
●Can record speed, GPS position, acceleration, emergent brake, video rearview, swerve view,alarm etc
●DC8-36V wide range voltage supply, aluminum shell and low power consumption

TS-610 (GPS/3G/WIFI optional)-4CH HDD Mobile DVR