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Product Name:Remote Start Kit Volkswagen
Product Code:OL-RS-VW1

Product description:

The industry‚Äôs first complete solution designed to enable (3XLOCK) remote start directly from the factory key fob on select Volkswagen models 2006 and up. Includes 'plug & play' t-harness for seamless, 'no cut' installation. Compatible with RF kits and Linkr telematics for additional range*. NO KEY REQUIRED** for immobilizer bypass. 

AUDI Vehicles:
A3 Std. Key Hatchback Diesel Automatic2010-2014
A3 Std. Key Hatchback 4 Cyl. Automatic2010-2014
Q3 Push-to-Start SUV 4 Cyl. Automatic        2015-2016
Q3 Std. Key SUV 4 Cyl. Automatic                2016
S3 Std. Key Hatchback 4 Cyl. Automatic2010-2014
TT Std. Key 4 Cyl. Automatic                        2011-2015

Volkswagen Vehicles:
Beetle Push-to-Start 4/5 Cyl. Automatic         2012-2016
Beetle Push-to-Start Diesel Automatic         2013-2016
Beetle Std. Key Automatic                         2012-2016
CC Push-to-Start Sedan 4 Cyl. Automatic       2012-2013
Eos Push-to-Start Convertible 4 Cyl. Automatic2012-2016
Eos Std. Key Convertible 4 Cyl. Automatic  2012-2016
Golf Std. Key Hatchback 4/5 Cyl. Automatic2010-2016
Golf Std. Key Hatchback Diesel Automatic2012-2015
Jetta Push-to-Start 4/5 Cyl. Automatic2011-2016
Jetta Push-to-Start Hybrid Automatic2013-2016
Jetta Push-to-Start Diesel Automatic2011-2016
Jetta Std. Key 4/5 Cyl. Automatic2011-2016
Jetta Std. Key Diesel Automatic2011-2016
Jetta GLI Push-to-Start 4 Cyl. Automatic2011-2016
Passat Std. Key Sedan 4/6 Cyl. Automatic2012-2016
Passat Std. Key Sedan Diesel Automatic2012-2016
Passat Push-to-Start Sedan 4/6 Cyl. Automatic2012-2016
Passat Push-to-Start Sedan Diesel Automatic2012-2016
Tiguan Push-to-Start 4 Cyl. Automatic2014-2016
Tiguan Std. Key SUV 4 Cyl. Automatic   2011-2016

OL-RS-VW1-Remote Start Kit Volkswagen
Weight: 0.8kg
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