Q-Tech Car Alarm


Product Name:OEM Car Alarm
Product Code:Q-Tech 130

Product description:

This system is suitable for the car equipped with original keyless entry system, to upgrade this keyless entry into the security alarm. It can make use of original remotes with the car to control and be compatible to use the remotes controls from the alarm factory with extra parts.

1. Code Learning (if remotes required from the manufacturer)
Turn the ignition key on, odd, and back ob (3 times of ACC off to on). The siren will chirp 3 times. Press and hold the valet switch for 3 seconds. The siren will chirp 5 times. The LED will illuminate. Press any button on the first transmitter. The siren will chirp once, to indicate it has learnt the code. Press the button on the second transmitter, the siren will chirp once, to indicate the successful learning. Use the same way for other transmitter. Turn off the ignition key. If one of the transmitters is to be programmed, the other transmitters must be reprogrammed at the same time. Up to 4 transmitters can be learned per module.

Q-Tech 130-OEM Car Alarm
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