Q-Tech Car Alarm


Product Name:Bluetooth Car Alarm
Product Code:Q-Tech 356

Product description:


DVR OUPUT (Optional) 
You can record the driving video freely if the DVR is connected to this item.The system 
will record the driving video automatically when the car is triggered in the status of engine off. 
You can keep tracking or locating the car freely if the tracker is connected to this item 
Blue tooth control (Optional) 
the user can control his car directly by his mobile phone via Bluetooth. The mobile app can 
be use as the normally transmitter.When you get close to your car into the pke range,the car door 
will be unlock automatically;if you go out of the pke range,the car door will be locked automatically. 
Sound Arm 
After disabling the engine and closing the doors well, the system will enter into arming mode after 3sec. 
Mute Arm 
After disabling the engine and closing the doors well, the system will enter into mute arming mode after 3sec. 
Car Finder 
In arming mode, siren chirps for 30sec and parking light flash at the same time to locate the car. 
Automatic Rearm (Remote Programmable): 
In arming mode but not any door opened within 30sec, the system will rearm automatically. 
Trigger Alarm Memory 
In arming mode, if the system was triggered there would be sound and light reminding when the owner disarms the car. 
Power off Memory 
No matter how long the vehicle power has been cut off, the system will resume the last setting status when the power is reconnected. 
Emergency Override 
In arming mode, if the remote is lost or unworkable, you can open the door with original car key. This moment the system is triggered and alarming, you can disarm the car. 
Automatic Environment Recognition 
In terrible weather such as heavy rain or windy and snowy day, the system will shut shock trigger function automatically after being triggered and alarming 10 times continuously. 
Doom Light Delay (Remote Programmable): 
This feature is suitable for the car with doom light choice,when disable the engine and close the doors well. 
Automatic Arm (Remote Programmable) 
If the user program with this feature, after disabling the engine and closing the doors well,the system will arm and lock automatically. 
If some one rob the car during driving, parking light will flash,LED blink quickly and siren chirps and parking light flash continuously, the engine is forced to stop and the system is alarming . 
Valet mode(Remote Programmable) 
When is valet mode, the arming system is exhibited

Q-Tech 356-Bluetooth Car Alarm
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