GPS Vehicle Tracker


Product Name:Vehicle GPS TRACKER
Product Code:Q-TECH SKYLINE V2

Product description:

The Skyline-V2 GPRS Smart Tracker could be used along or work together with monitoring center software to fulfill functions such as positioning, monitoring, tracking, alarming as well as locking.

-compatible with various protocols; Can be used in different surveillance systems.
-support both SMS and GPRS
-high capacity of memory to record tracking data
-inquiry functions.
-real-time track the location, including latitude, longitude,direction, speed etc.
-check the situation of vehicle.
-check functions and version of the tracker.
-monitor the vehicle by time and distance interval.
-control functions.
-intelligent cutting off engine and oil.
-restore engine and oil.
-voice wiretapping.
-switch to dormant status automatically.
-emergency alarms.
-unauthorized ignition alarm.
-overspeed alarm
-tired driving alarm.
-geo-fence alarm

This system is a complete solution for the fleet management. It provides all the necessary information which is required by the fleet owners. The main problem faced by the fleet owner is to provide quality services and on time deliveries to their clients. They also want to reduce the cost of their expenses which they have to bear in term of fuel and toll charges. This system not only allow them to look after their supplies and also can know the driving time, working time, route used by their driver. On time delivery or pick up is one of the main features of this system. At the end of the day fleet owner can make his fleet more mobile and affective with the reduction cost.

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