GPS Vehicle Tracker


Product Name:i GPS Vehicle Tracker
Product Code:i GPS V4

Product description:

i GPS Vehicle Tracker is a customized product with high quality modules

and sophiscated firmware for vehicle tracking and monitoring application,

supporting various monitoring protocols. It could be used stand alone or work

together with monitoring center software to fulfill functions such as

positioning, monitoring, tracking and alarming. this is an industrial grade

product with optimized low data consumption even in unstable and weak

signal area.


· Monitoring by Smart Interval (Add a point when turning)

· Communication:GSM 900/1800,USSD,SMS GPRS TCP/IP,UDP/IP

· Blind Spot Memory (Maximum 50000 records)

· low data consumption less than 5Mbits/Month

· Engine immobilizer

· Voice Wire tapping

· Speed alert

· Emergency alarm

· Main power disconnect alert

· Geo-fence alarm


· Dimension:78×58×25(mm)

· Weight:150g

· GPS Receiver:uBlox 7 Chipset

· GPS Antenna:Active antenna

· GSM module: Simcom

· Power Supply:10~36V DC, Over voltage and reverse voltage protection

· Consumption:Standby <3 0mA@12V DC,Data transmitting <200mA@12V DC

· Working Temperature:-20℃~70℃

· Storage Temperature:-40℃~85℃

· Internal Storage Capacity:16MB Flash

· Built-in 450mA Lithium Polymer battery

· Input Ports:3 voltage input ports

· Output Ports:1 negative voltage output ports for oil control

· Serial Port:1 UART programable

Support Peripherals List:
- Fuel Sensor
- Temparature Sensor
- RFID reader
- LED display
- Dispatch display

i GPS V4-i GPS Vehicle Tracker
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