GPS Vehicle Tracker


Product Name:i GPS Vehicle Tracker
Product Code:QT-OCT900-Wifi

Product description:

QT-OCT900-WIFI is the tracking device with combination of SMS, GPRS and WIFI, it can bring more free service for projects. 
QZ GPS WIFI Tracker support big data logging, it can store data when there is no GSM network, and upload big data to server by WIFI. This device also can work with Mobile WIFI routers, it is possible to do the real time tracking with Mobile WIFI routers. You can set multiple WIFI hotspots for fleet management, when the car enter every warehouse and connect with WI-FI hotspots automatically. In other words, this tracker can work even if there is no GSM network, you do not have to buy a new tracker when GSM network upgrade to 3G/4G/5G.etc.
OCT900-WIFI is highly recommended to use in fleet and logistic companies.

Features of GPS WIFI Tracker
1. GPS tracker with Combination of SMS, GPRS and WIFI 
2. WI-FI tracking with multiple WIFI routers or hotspots
3. Firmware Update, device config via WIFI 
4. LBS Tracking
5. Track by time / distance / degree / engine
6. Google map link inquiry   
7. Engine cut remotely 
8. SOS emergency alert   
9. Geo-fence alert
10. Movement alert 
11. Speeding alert   
12. External power cut alert 
13. Shaking alert
14. GPS antenna abnormal alert
15. 5 output/input user-defined function
16. Alert content user-defined function
17. Vehicle info setting and inquiry
18. Vehicle maintenance reminding  
19. Speed limitation
20. Fuel monitoring (option) 
21. Working time setting   
22. Mileage calculation & setting 
23. Miss call reminding for alarm
24. Big Data logging by WIFI  (option, SD card)
25. Data download with Udoc kit (option, Udoc kit)
26. SIM balance inquiry
27. Voice monitoring,3 listening No.s (option,MIC)
28. 2 ways communication (Option, speaker)
29. 3 Admin No.s setting for management
30. Driver Identify (option)
31. Car control by RFID (Option)
32. Dual photograph mode ( MMS & online, option)
33. Take photo by time interval (option)
34. Take photo when alarm active (option)

QT-OCT900-Wifi-i GPS Vehicle Tracker
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