Q-Tech Immobilizer


Product Name:Vehicle IMMOBILIZER
Product Code:Q-TECH 322AT-FN

Product description:

Transponder immobilizer w/ferrous antenna
Key Specifications/Special Features:


- Long Reading Range : 200-270 cm for active tag

- 80-100 cm for card

- Mini Size Pocket Type Active Tag & Card For Easy Carry Without Link With Car Key

- Extra ferrous antenna available & easy installation

- Automatic Disarm While the correct tags has been found

- 60 Seconds Passive Arm

- Anti-Hijack With Safety Delay

- Long Life Time Battery For Active Tag

- Available In 2 or 3 Circuit Cut

- One Master & One User Tag / Card (Master Tag / Card Type)

- Self Learning-Controlled by Red Master Tag/Card (Master Tag / Card Type)

- Can Learn Up To 4 User Tags/Cards (Master Tag / Card Type)

- 2 User Tags or Cards (PIN Number Type)

- Self Learning-Controlled by PIN number (PIN Number Type)

- Can Learn Up To 5 User Tags/Cards (PIN Number Type)

- Emergency Override (PIN Number Type)

- New PIN Number Programmable (PIN Number Type)

- Lost/Stolen Tag /Card Programming Out Facility.

- 264 Code Variants

- 60 Seconds Tag/Card Search

- Status LED

- 40 Amps Sealed Cut-Off Relay Built-In

- Normally Open Relay Contacts

- 36 Inch/30 Amp Black Wire Harness 

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